A Bargain Property REIT At A Yield Of 11.3%, High Dividend Coverage, Insiders Are Buying

Washington Prime Group trades at a dividend yield of 11.3% and at 5.3 times Funds From Operations.

The dividend has a high degree of safety with a coverage of 165%.

WPG has been reducing debt and has a solid credit rating.

The value of WPGs properties as well as its cash flow suggest that the stock is worth $15/share.

Insiders have been buying shares. The CEO just bought $249k worth of shares in March 2017.

Rotelle Studio(e) Provides Personalized Outdoor Spaces for Custom Homes

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South Conventry, PA — (SBWIRE) — 04/17/2017 — Now that spring is in full swing, more and more people are venturing outdoors and wishing they had an area to enjoy the warmer weather. Instead of pining for a better space to sit and relax, those looking to build a home in Chester Springs, PA can design theirs in addition to their own custom home. Now possible, reasonably priced, and within reach for any budget, homebuyers are given the ability to decide what they want before it is built with Rotelle Studio(e).

From outdoor fireplaces to cabanas, building a custom home has a numerous amount of options. Homebuyers can dream up their ideal outdoor space and enjoy it with luxury quality and personal preference. There is no end to the customizations that are available outdoors. Rotelle Studio(e) doesnt just focus on the inside of a home; they also stress the importance of the outside as well. Thinking outside of the box is their specialty, offering many different choices in order to make a house feel like a home.

Homebuyers should choose Rotelle Studio(e) when looking to build their dream home. When it comes to hardscaping, choosing fencing, designing an outside lounge equipped with a fan, a porch, overhanging, deck, or outdoor table is all a part of the larger picture. Their new home designs in Chester County, PA not only give homebuyers exactly what they are looking for, but also make anything possible.

Contact Rotelle Studio(e) today by calling: 610-572-2013 or emailing: salesinfo@rotelle.com.

About Rotelle Studio(e)
Rotelle Studio(e) is where dreams become houses and houses become homes. Our goal is to make the hassle of house-buying a unique and customized experience. We tailor-design our homes around our buyers, working with their wants, needs, and ideas to turn them into a design for their lifestyle. Rotelle Studio(e) is a one-of-a-kind home-buying experience with nothing cookie-cutter about their process.

Learn more by visiting: http://studioehomes.com/

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House-Buying Tips For Young People

Saving tips for buying a home

Buying a home is a major investment

Buying a home is the biggest investment a person, couple or family will make, so it is important to create a plan and have a strategy when it comes to house buying. Knowing what you need from a home and where you want or need to live is crucial, but the most important aspect for many potential buyers is building and increasing your savings.

Here are key tips in saving to a buy a home:

  • Draw up a budget that includes all your incomings and outgoings.
  • Cut back on unnecessary expenditure.
  • Look for ways to bring in additional income.
  • Know what your mortgage repayments will be.

When it comes to your finances, you need to look at your budget and determine exactly what you have coming in and going out. You should look to increase your income if possible, perhaps by taking on a second job or selling items, and you should also look to decrease your outgoings. Buying a home often requires sacrifice, so if you can cut back on non-essential items or make savings in certain areas it will provide you with a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to saving money to buy a home. Small improvements every month can pay off in the long term if you are determined to reach your goal.

Knowing how much money you will have to pay each month is vital information, and this is why you need to be certain on what you can expect and afford to pay for your mortgage. A smart way to determine what you’re likely to pay each month is to use a Mortgage Calculator, which allows you to compare home loans and determine which option is most suitable within your budget.

You should speak to as many people as possible within the housing market and mortgage sector to ensure you have as much information as you need to make the most informed decision.

It is possible to buy your ideal home but with a deposit being such an integral factor in the process, you need to start saving in as effective a manner as you can, as soon as possible.

Author: Jimmy Simond

How much does a house actually cost? — Understand the other fees and costs associated with purchasing a house

Santos pays down $250m in debt

Following the repayment, the outstanding balance of the facility will be reduced to $95-million.

Meanwhile, the company has extended the maturity date of an $810-million bilateral bank loan facility from 2018 to 2022 on favourable terms. The facilities remain undrawn.

CFO Anthony Neilson said that the ECA repayment and the bilateral extension were consistent with Santos’s focus on reducing debt, extending the debt maturity profile and reducing financing costs.

“We will continue to review our debt maturities and target our stated goal of a $1.5-billion reduction in net debt by the end of 2019. We will continue to prioritise free cash flow for debt reduction.”

Recovering Moldova’s stolen billion in Europe’s shady banking system

The Moldovan central bank is preparing legal action to recover one billion dollars stolen from the currency reserves of the country’s three systemic banks: Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala, Unibank. Much of that capital is in European banks.

Moldova’s three systemic banks collapsed at the end of 2014, leaving the government with little option but to bail them out, issuing 25-year bonds to reimburse the central bank. The small country of 3,5 million people was in effect robbed of $1bn (approximately EUR 880 million). That is about an eight of Moldova’s GDP.

The epicenter of the scandal was Scotland, according to an initial investigation by theKroll consultancy group. But, in time, Kroll took its investigation further, tracing more than half of the white collar booty, which is now recoverable.

A big EUR335 million chunk was found in accounts spread over Moldova, Cyprus, Switzerland, China, and Hong Kong. Moreover, Kroll has uncovered the mechanism of laundering EUR200 million via fraudulent loans channeled through two Latvian banks and then transferred to over 100 corporate bank accounts in Lithuania. Impressively, 40 specific beneficiaries have been identified, while Kroll is also investigating the assets bought with this money.

In the meantime, the FBI is pursuing its own investigation.

Former Prime Minister Vlad Filat is serving a 9-year corruption sentence for bribes by business interests involved in the scam. The man who is supposed to have bribed him, Ilhan Shor, spent some time under house arrest and is now the mayor of a town near Chisinau. Shor denies his own involvement while testifying against Filat. Overall, the ruling political elite in the country remains largely unscathed.

Overall, the ruling political elite in the country remains largely unscathed.The current government has staunchly opposed any attempt by the opposition to initiate a parliamentary investigation of the scandal. And a discussion about transparency and rule of law is often reframed into a confrontation of East versus West.

But, with some support for local institutions, there may yet be a brighter future for the poorest country in Europe. The National Bank of Moldova expects the recovery of the funds will take 18 months to two years.

A recent report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCP) suggests Moldova has been a money-laundering hub for Russian business interests. The scandal involved 96 countries, and it has been suggested that no less than $80bn passed through Chisinau from 2010 to 2014. That is the latest in a series of scandals that have undermined confidence in democratic governance. In this scheme, the return of some of the capital stolen from Moldova could be the beginningof something far more important than reducing debt-to-GDP ratio.

Stocks dip amid worry about wages

Oil prices slumped after the Energy Information Administration said US crude inventories didnt shrink as much as investors hoped they would, and the EIA says the stockpiles are larger than normal for this time of year. Benchmark US crude lost $1.97, or 3.8 percent, to $50.44 a barrel in New York. Brent crude, used to price international oils, fell $1.96, or 3.6 percent, to $52.93 per barrel in London. All 34 energy companies on the Samp;P 500 finished lower. Chevron $1.45, or 1.4 percent, to $104.23 and Marathon Oil sank 68 cents, or 4.3 percent, to $15.06.

Schutte, of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management, said faster wage growth will show up eventually even if monthly and quarterly reports are uneven. As wages rise and people spend more money, he thinks the economy will keep growing.

The consumer is in a very good place from a debt-to-asset standpoint, he said, after reducing debt in recent years. When they get wage increases, theyre more likely to spend those in the future than to save them.

Schutte said that will ultimately help the stock market more than any of President Donald Trumps proposed pro-growth policies would.

Technology and consulting company IBM slumped after it reported $18.16 billion in revenue in the first quarter, and according to FactSet, that was more than $200 million below analysts estimates. IBM stock fell $8.36, or 4.9 percent, to $161.69. It was the second day in a row that a weak report from a single company pulled the Dow sharply lower, as Goldman Sachs did the same on Tuesday.

Report: Snapchat to boost self-serve offering with full-screen ads

Dive Brief:

  • Snapchat is expanding its self-serve ad options to include the full screen Snap ad format per a report in Digiday citing multiple agency executives.
  • Previously only Snapchat geofilters could be bought via a self-serve option. The new platform for Snap ads, which run on the Discover portal and userscurated stories, is expected to roll out during the IAB NewFronts conference beginning May 1.
  • Snapchat has gradually been increasing access to Snap ads from only selling the format through a managed service up until last October before adding in-house buying from media partners via a tech license. Allowing for full self-service buying takes away that barrier and reduces fees for advertisers.

Getting The Seller To Accept Your Offer

While it can be difficult to leave emotion out of the house-buying business, an important consideration of your offer is the price that youre willing to pay for the home in its present condition, in the current marketplace in the neighborhood youre buying in.

The list price that a seller attaches for their property may, or may not be, market price for the house. In many cases, it can be what the seller wants to get, needs to get, or believes that their home is worth, in relation to other homes that are also for sale in the area.

It would be very important to have your buyers agent do a Comparative Market Analysis on the property to see how the list price compares with houses that have sold recently, giving a starting point, and factual analysis of what the house might be worth in todays market.

While its true that some homes may be priced at market, others may be significantly overpriced, compared to what has sold recently. When listed at market, the buyers will know, and this is what will typically lead to a multiple offer situation, giving the seller lots of opportunities to say yes to a buyer. When a home is priced significantly above the market, an offer made closer to market may feel insulting or low ball and will probably get you a no from the seller.