Is This Sex-Filled Music Video Art or Gay Porn?

Citing unabashedly queer pioneers like George Michael, Maclean argued that it is the purpose of art to push against the rules of decency as well as the squeaky-clean image of LGBT people advanced by social movements like the fight for marriage equality.

Richard Serra, Cindy Sherman, and Dozens of Others Call for Action on Inauguration Day

Recently, the idea of an art strike, or symbolic action by art institutions on Inauguration Day, has been circulating online.

Poland May Buy Extensive Czartoryski Family Art Collection

WARSAW – Poland's Culture Ministry announced plans on Friday to finally set the status of one of Europe's most important private art collections and preserve it in Poland for the benefit of future generations. The famous Czartoryski family

The Art of the Fang

A vampire bat in Costa Rica. Credit Michael & Patricia Fogden/Minden Pictures, via Getty Images. In honor of Halloween, let's take a moment to appreciate fangs – and other sharp, pointed weapons animals use to capture, bite, hold, injure and paralyze

Art of the Feel

These little hands, the ones stroking you now, have traveled places you can't imagine, in Europe and Asia and Latin America, over the supple young bodies of beauties with velvet skin and timorous smiles.

Transforming the game: Local crossfit gym uses art to inspire

Jesus and Carrie own what may be the only art-gallery-crossfit-gym fusion in the country. They opened their unique business, aptly called Visionary CrossFit, on Main Street last January.

Prison art finds its way out of Tecumseh

The artists won't be at Indigo Bridge Books to talk about their work displayed at the First Friday Art Walk this week. But their stories will be told anyway, in the 16 pieces of "Captive Creativity: Dispatches from Tecumseh," an exhibit featuring the

Art of the AIDS Years: What Took Museums So Long?

Given the volume, quality and variety of art made in response to AIDS over 36 years, it seems inexplicable that no mainstream museum ever attempted a historical survey.

Keith Sachs Would Rather Be Collecting Art in Philadelphia

Clad in a glen plaid blazer and paisley tie, Keith Sachs, the white-haired Philadelphia art collector, pointed to a Dan Flavin sculpture from his collection.

Faces: Eileen Kulseth – Cottage Place Art School

The art school, which began holding classes June 16, offers a variety of classes for various skill levels and ages. Classes include paper making, wheel throwing, pot glazing, printmaking and hand-building.