Vehicle Restrictions with Bad Credit

You can’t finance just any car if you have credit problems because most subprime lenders have vehicle restrictions on the kinds of cars you can finance.

Vehicle Restriction Questions

Because we have spent the past two decades working with credit-challenged car buyers here at Auto Credit Express, we currently receive at least two hundred questions each month, most of them dealing with auto finance. Here is just one:

“I have already been shopping for a vehicle and was wondering if there are any restrictions on the vehicle, as far as a loan is concerned?”

There are a few things here that need to be discussed, so let’s...

Conquer fear of credit cards now, reap benefits later

  • Aren’t there risks? Just as using credit cards responsibly can build your credit, using them irresponsibly can damage it. Piling up debt, maxing out the card, paying late or missing payments hurts your score.
  • If you have no credit, can you get a card? Newcomers to credit have a couple of options. One is a secured credit card. With these, you make a refundable security deposit — say, $200 or $500 — and this becomes your credit line.

Auto finance changes gear

In many ways the Chinese auto industry has undergone seismic transformation in the past ten years. It surpassed the US as the largest vehicle sales market in 2009, and is now also one of the largest motor insurance markets in the world.

With this growth, we have also witnessed a significant change in the industry structure, a trend that we see is playing out in China as it is in Europe. Be it Tesla’s electric car launch, Google’s driverless car technology or the emergence of Uber and its Chinese equivalent Didi, new technologies are changing the mobility preference of a generation of Chinese consumers.

The pressure to rationalise production capacity is likely to intensify....

Working Capital Options in Six Words

This report is designed to produce a concise explanation of current small business cash management issues by describing working capital options in six words. This analysis is one of several overviews about business banking problems and commercial loans. As suggested in the analysis below, even when there are substantial difficulties to be expected with most current efforts to obtain working capital, the entire process should be more effective for small business owners when major business financing obstacles are both understood and anticipated.

As the initial observation, “banks are not an effective solution” for almost any small business working capital financing situation....

Household Debt Hits $12.7 Trillion: Here’s How You Can Handle Your Loans

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Americans have more debt than ever before.

Household debt has reached $12.7 trillion, an amount mainly spread out among mortgages, student loans, credit cards, and auto loans.

Many economistssee this uptick in debt as a sign of economic recovery. But for the individual borrower, debt can be a major burden.

If you hold a share of this $12.7 trillion in household debt, here aresome tips for getting out of the red.

1. Find the best student loan repayment plan

Student loans play a big role in our current national debt. In fact, student debt increased from $500 billion in early 2007 to over $1.34 trillion today.


Community West Bank Expands into Paso Robles

“After our loan production office opens in June, we will file an application for a full-service banking branch office to open in Paso Robles next year,” said Bill Filippin, executive vice president and CBO of Community West Bank.

“The banking landscape is changing, with fewer community banks and larger banks closing offices, he said.

More than ever, there is a need for flexible business financing and decision making that locally owned and managed Community West Bank provides,” he said.

Community West Bank opened a full-service branch office in San Luis Obispo in November 2016. In January, the bank relocated its Santa Maria branch office and opened...

Choice of genuine loan lender is crucial in small business financing.

Some companies deal in a line of credit or operating loan. This is usually attached to your main chequing account and can be used to pay operational expenses, when there is not enough money in the business bank account. This type of financing is ideal when there are ebbs and flows in a business’ cash flow or one is looking for small business financing. It can allow you to continue operating normally, when you are waiting on payment from clients or during a temporary slowdown in revenues.

Why Student Loan Debt Is A Women’s Issue

Women working full time with college degrees make 26 percent less than their male counterparts, though the gap is somewhat smaller immediately after college, according to AAUW. Lower pay means less income to devote to debt repayment.

Making less money puts women at a financial disadvantage in a number of ways, from having less agency in their lives and relationships, to having more difficulty paying their bills, student loans among them. And because women working full time make less money than men — but still shoulder more responsibility when it comes to parenting — the difficulty they have paying off their bills, increasing their net worth, and building wealth to the same...

Which countries are driving Auto and Equipment Finance growth in the Asia Pacific region?

Among established markets, the greatest growth will come from two of the biggest regional economies of China and India.


China in particular stands out for delivering very high growth for a large, established economy, with industry experts predicting asset finance will rise more than 20% during 2017.

Motor finance, healthcare and construction are all expected to perform well throughout 2017.


India is a strong growth market for asset finance, with demand expected to rise by up to 15%.

The country may well be at the start of a period of rapid expansion that mirrors China’s recent economic journey.

However,legislation and culture...

TCF Receives NICE 2017 Customer Excellence Award for Customer Experience

WAYZATA, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TCF Financial Corporation (TCF) (NYSE: TCF) today announced that it is
the winner of a NICE (Nasdaq:NICE) 2017 Customer Excellence Award. This
award recognizes customers who have demonstrated innovation and
leadership in their approach to reinventing customer experience.

“Our 2017 award
winners represent true leadership in the contact center market, and are
setting an example for the rest of the industry on how to drive
measurable improvements in operational efficiency and customer
satisfaction, and ultimately achieve business impact.”